Thank you for the great yoga class.  Your soul shines through in your work on the inside and out - just beautiful.
— Donna, Dietitian, NJ

I have had the honor of working with Lauren for the past several months and cannot stress how much it has changed both my relationship with my body and how I carry myself throughout my everyday experiences. I had no previous yoga experience when I met Lauren, and felt instantly welcomed and comfortable in our sessions. 

InBodied Yoga is a unique yoga experience for all people and bodies. For me, it has encouraged thought on my own mind and body connection and has positively impacted my relationship with exercise and food. 

Lauren is an expert in both the field of yoga and eating disorders. She is always open to trying new things and listens attentively to your words and movement in order to make your session exactly what you need. There is a certain intuition that goes into every pose and conversation, that leaves me feeling lighter, more relaxed and taken care of. She is kind, warm, smart and talented and it is clearly shown through her passion for helping others make peace with their bodies. 

Lauren offers the most wonderful of yoga experiences. If you are at all considering beginning a practice, I would say that InBodied Yoga is the way to go.
— Student, NYC

I had gone back to therapy to develop a healthier relationship with food as I was increasingly using food to manage my high level of stress. Through therapy, it became apparent that I needed to address underlying issues of perfectionism and a need to relax more in my day to day life. My therapist tried several relaxation techniques that resulted in a clenched jaw and in one instance a massive headache. Before long, my therapist suggested that I get in better touch with my body and she referred me to Lauren.

I was dubious to say the least as someone who had gone to only a handful of yoga classes. My last yoga class had been a year before and I distinctly recalled wanting to flee after the first 10 minutes.

From Day 1, I felt extremely comfortable with Lauren and I remember declaring to a friend shortly into our sessions that I had the sensation of walking on air after seeing Lauren and that “it is better than a massage” (which is high praise for someone who loves getting a massage). Fast forward over a year later and I not only love yoga but now do it regularly. When people comment that I look great and ask whether something is different, I declare that I found yoga.

In combination with therapy, Lauren’s sessions have helped me to reach a new level of calm and people are noting the change in both my personal and professional life. Lauren meets you where you are at and handled my early questions of “How many sessions will this take? What are our goals?” with patience and grace. She reassured me that I will know when I have achieved what I want to achieve and I kept going back because it made me feel good. I would often see Lauren on a Friday evening after a long week of work and I would feel a palpable difference going into the weekend. I quickly realized that yoga is like learning a new language and I simply needed to do it and the changes would be gradual but significant.

Lauren not only brings expertise but also kindness and patience to her client work. She made a yogi out of me and that is no small feat! I couldn’t recommend Lauren more highly. 

— Marissa, NYC

Lauren seamlessly integrates her knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist into her yoga classes. She is so connected with the individual needs of her students and is some how able to make a personal connection with every student, no matter how many she’s teaching. This concept of connection is very important to Lauren, and something she alludes to often in our interview. You can so easily sense that the connection she makes with her students and clients nourish her as much as it does them; it’s a perfectly symbiotic relationship that makes her unique in her ability to leave you feeling inspired to conquer the rest of your day after just one, short hour. Her class is full of information I’ve never heard before, positions I’ve never tried and a passion so rare that you feel infused with positive energy, totally uplifted and, of course, connected with your true self.
— Sophia, NYC

Lauren’s extensive knowledge coupled with her gentle instruction make for a challenging and welcoming environment in which a person at any level of practice could thrive.
— Mary, Nashville

Lauren’s classes are intentional, challenging, and inspiring. She uses creative sequencing and music and is highly skillful in her alignment cues and adjustments. I really, really appreciate the type of class that allows for me to grow as a practitioner and teacher in such a supportive environment.
— Caitlin, NYC

Lauren’s instruction is heartfelt, clear, and really helpful in understanding the poses. In new ways, challenging and inspiring, she is turning my practice upside down!
— Bridget, CA