Tracking Dysregulation

This is what I did to prepare for my first psychotherapy client today. I thought “let me just record it and see what that feels like”. I did, and felt compelled to share. Then immediately vulnerable. 

So here it is anyway.

This is today’s practice. I felt dysregulated when I arrived at work today and I know I can’t do good therapy in that state. How did I know I was dysregulated? There’s a sense of speed in my body. “Anxiety”. Shallow breaths. Nagging pain/discomfort in my left hip (my “spot”). 

A long luxurious restorative yoga practice might have helped, but there’s no time for that. So, I thought to myself “cross pattern”. Cross-patterning movements synchronize both sides of the brain and bring executive functioning online. 

First I played patty cake with myself at a wall (for real), and then I did this. I feel better - not 100%, but better than I did 5 minutes ago. 

The “hiccups” in my movement are important. Those moments when you “get it wrong” make you present. They make you human. They regulate your nervous system. Embrace them.

You’ll have questions. I have questions - things I need to read more about. Just try it. Notice your breathing. Share below if that feels safe.