Where: The Yoga Collective NYC
When: Sunday, March 3rd, 3-5pm
Cost: $50

Did you know that guided relaxation can be invigorating, inspiring, and even, energizing?

Imagine yourself “in the zone” - a flow state of creativity and focus, energized by your ideas, and clear on how you want to actualize them.

You can get there…without the burnout and injury that often come from too much intense movement and rigorous exercise.

I know because I’ve been there.

I used to think that rest was a waste of time — that I had more important things to do. For a while, being busy felt like a high. I thought I could do anything.

Over time, it took it’s toll on my mind and body.

I felt disconnected from myself and other people. I was addicted to “doing” but no longer prolific or efficient. It became difficult to prioritize tasks because everything felt equally urgent.

I was in survival mode.

Stress builds up in the body like plaque builds up on your teeth. It impacts your mood, your sleep, your physical health, your relationships, and your emotional wellbeing.

A safe and appropriate self-care practice can help you optimize your potential and cultivate your unique creative gifts.

ashley doing restorative baddha konasana.jpg

Join me for a two-hour journey to discover the revelatory nature of guided rest and relaxation through the lens of Restorative Yoga.

We will apply a combination of simple, accessible movements and restorative yoga poses to rejuvenate, center, and inspire you.

We will spend time journaling the thoughts, feelings, and intentions that come up during movement and rest.

We will convene with one another to reflect on the experience and commit to next steps.

Most importantly, we will resource you to tolerate rest.

For some people, Restorative Yoga is inaccessible because it feels overwhelming. If this is your experience, there will be appropriate movement options made available to you under the guidance of a trauma-informed therapist and yoga teacher.

Each student will enjoy personal attention and adjustments (with explicit consent), as well as a luxurious choice of props to support their unique body and personal needs.

Journals will be provided.



Location: Yoga Collective NYC, 135 West 29th Street Rm 603, New York, NY 10001

Date: Sunday, March 3rd 2018

Cost: $50

*Please note that I do not offer refunds for online purchases.


Read what others are saying about their work with Lauren:

Working with Lauren helped me to reframe how I experience my body and yoga. Her compassionate, thoughtful, and patient approach fostered an open and judgement-free practice, allowing me to connect with my body, alleviate tension and pain, and calmly accept my thoughts.
— Sarah, Private Student
Lauren meets you where you are.
— Marissa, Class Participant
Thank you for the great yoga class.  Your soul shines through in your work on the inside and out - just beautiful.
— Donna, Class Participant
There is a certain intuition that goes into every pose and conversation, that leaves me feeling lighter, more relaxed and taken care of.
— Dori, Private Student
Lauren seamlessly integrates her knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist into her yoga classes. She is so connected with the individual needs of her students and is some how able to make a personal connection with every student, no matter how many she’s teaching.
— Sofia, Class Participant

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