Why Losing Body Image Stress is Healthier than Losing Weight / by Lauren Minear

I am forever culling the internet for body-positive allies - for my clients and for my sanity. Imagine my delight when I found this article, written by an actual doctor, on how to make peace with your body and why it's critical to your health. 

Dr. Lewis lists 7 recommendations for healing body image. She even cites some of my favorite statistics: In spite of what the media says, weight is not a predictor of longevity and stressing about weight (no matter what size you are) creates negative health outcomes. In fact, people who are overweight live longer than those who are not, and it is far more life threatening to be underweight than to be overweight. The stigma and discrimination associated with being obese in this culture causes stress, psychological distress, and weight gain. Long story short, fighting fat helps no one.

I presented the same information in my first "Yoga for Better Body Image Workshop", as reported here by The Feminist Yogi. The next one is coming up on September 10th in NYC. In my personal and clinical experience, the skills learned through yoga (self-regulation, frustration tolerance, body acceptance, body responsiveness, limit-setting) support the monumental task that Dr. Lewis puts forth - developing a healthy relationship with one's body in an appearance-obsessed culture. Check out my blog post on this topic here. There is also a ton of research out there to support this. For starters, check out the Yoga Body Image Coalition or this study in the September 2016 volume of Body Image.

If you are going to be in the New York City Area on September 10th, you can sign up for my next Body Image Intensive Yoga workshop here! If not, feel free to reach out and let me know what I can do to help you on your journey. 

Photo source: Getty Images.