Therapeutic Yoga Classes in NYC / by Lauren Minear

One of my students asked me for a round-up of therapeutic yoga classes in NYC. Here is what I can up with!

In general, the key words to look for are "therapeutic", "restorative", "yin", and "yoga nidra". "Vinyasa", "flow", or "ashtanga" classes will be more exercise-focused. 

1. "Lounging Lotus" at Laughing Lotus, Fridays 7-8:30pm.

This is straight Restorative Yoga, or the use of props to fully support the body through the process of physiological relaxation. There might be some light movement at the beginning to put you in touch with your body, but mostly, this class is about chilling out and clearing mental clutter. I find that many people think Restorative Yoga will make them tired, but it's actually quite energizing. Also check out "Restorative Flow". 

Click here to learn a bit more about Restorative Yoga and learn my favorite stress-relieving poses.

2. "Yin Yoga", "Yoga Nidra", "Slow Flow Yoga", & "Restorative Yoga" at Pure Yoga, various times throughout the week


I haven't actually taken class here (too far uptown for me), but one of my longtime private clients recommends Pure. "Yoga Nidra", or "yogic sleep", is a lot like progressive muscle relaxation. I combine it with restorative yoga in my "Yoga for Better Body Image" workshop and it is BLISS. Prepare to be more relaxed than you ever thought possible. 

If you're not a member, you can use ClassPass.

3. "Yin Yoga", "Restorative Yoga", "Gentle Yoga", "Deep Relaxation" at Integral Yoga Institute, various times

Yin Yoga involves active stretching with long holds (versus Restorative Yoga, in which all poses are passive). Gentle Yoga is always a good bet if you are injured, tired, sad, or needing some extra love and attention. "Deep Relaxation" combines Yoga Nidra with Pranayama (breathwork), and meditation. Integral also offers great condition-specific classes and workshops (e.g. Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga for Labor and Delivery).

4. "Therapeutics" at YogaWorks, various times & locations

Combines Restorative Yoga, breathwork, and meditation. ClassPass works here as well.  

5. "Flow & Restore w/Yoga Nidra" at ISHTA Yoga


Let me know if I'm missing any great therapeutic classes in the area! If you are looking for some one-on-one instruction, I also offer yoga therapy sessions in my office in the financial district.