Living Without Shame / by Lauren Minear

A friend shared this TED talk with me recently. Whitney does such a great job of getting to the bottom of issues such as body insecurity and size discrimination. As a clinician, I work with the basic premise that fat is not the enemy. It's what fat represents to people that causes emotional suffering. It's the projection of our shame onto marginalized bodies and the fear of being exposed as vulnerable that drives sizeist behavior - and normalizes disordered eating.

What would happen if we all took up space without feeling shame? What would happen if we stopped apologizing for ourselves? Is it possible that there is room for all of us in the world to simply be? Watch and learn...


"How do we handle self-perception when our bodies don't match the ideal social image? The answer is to find a way to live without shame. Greensboro native and dancer, whose viral video, "A Fat Girl Dancing," sparked a national conversation about body image".