Created by a clinical social worker and yoga instructor, InBodied Yoga is a body positive approach to movement and self-care. Instruction and sequencing are trauma-informed, HAES-friendly, and therapeutic.


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I'm Lauren. I am a psychotherapist and body positive yoga teacher with a private practice in New York City. I have spent my career learning to make peace with food and body, and am thrilled to share what I have learned with YOU so that you can start living the life you want to live.

I teach one-on-one therapeutic yoga and body positive yoga privates in my Manhattan office. I also offer a monthly InBodied Yoga class at The Yoga Collective NYC and integrate my areas of expertise to host Yoga for Better Body Image workshops several times per year.

Yoga has been a liberating practice for me and I am passionate about making it accessible to bodies of all shapes, sizes, and identities. I am committed to being an anti-diet, Health At Every Size (HAES) practitioner in both the studio and my private practice. Contact me if you would like a free 20-minute telephone consultation to determine if my services are well-suited for you! In the meantime, check out my blog, take my Body Appreciation Quiz, and sign up to be a member of our growing community!


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